Update: Tools with a Mission

By Mission in Action

On 26 January 2021

How one sewing machine helped a whole community

Last year, despite fundraising challenges, we were able to donate £723.13 to Tools with a Mission, the focus of our Lent Project – and subsequently of our Harvest Project too. In his letter of thanks, TWAM’s fundraising officer describes the transformative impact of one sewing machine:  

“We never cease to be amazed at the impact a tool kit or sewing machine can have.  One amazing woman called Annin in Zambia is a great example.  She is a volunteer tailor in a small school in one of Lusaka’s slums.  The school supports more than 90 children from the poorest families, none of whom can afford school fees or even food.

Using one of our sewing machines, Annin works all day to make clothes the school can sell for funds.  With the money she makes, she buys materials to make all the school uniforms and funds all the school meals.  In the early evening she trains the teachers to make clothes, so they too can earn a little extra income.  In the evenings she holds classes for the parents, so they too can learn tailoring and support their children.

Annin says: ‘Somebody must help, so why not me?’

One amazing woman, given one amazing sewing machine (an 80-year-old manual Singer treadle) really can help transform an entire community.

So thank you for your support and the incredible difference it makes to some of the most vulnerable and hurting people in their communities.  It’s never just a tool kit, it’s the opportunity to transform one life, that will then go on to transform many others. We are so grateful for the tools you were able to collect in addition to your financial gift and are glad that our work struck a chord with parishioners.”

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