Baptism – also called ‘Christening’ – is the start of an amazing journey of faith, and a special day of celebration for friends and family

We are delighted that you are enquiring about Baptism. Whether your enquiry is for your child or indeed for yourself, we offer a warm welcome, and we hope you will feel at home here at St Peter’s.

Here are some answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is Baptism?

We understand baptism to be at the heart of our identity as Christians and the foundation of our relationship with God. In baptism, we believe we are made new in Christ and become part of His body, the Church.

The baptism service reminds us that we are all ‘children of the same heavenly Father.’

Baptism is a first step on the journey of Christian faith, and we want to support and encourage you and your children as we grow together in faith.

For more information about baptism services, symbols and actions used during the service, choosing Godparents and frequently asked questions can be found from the Church of England website. 

Can I be baptised as an adult?

Absolutely! Making the decision to be baptised when older (when you can decide for yourself) is a long held tradition in the church. Jesus was baptised as an adult. There is no age limit to being baptised. We have baptised people as old as 80!

If you are interested in finding out more, please do get in touch.

How does Baptism work here at St Peter's?

We adhere to the Parish System by establishing your connection to St Peter’s, Hale. We do this because we believe in the importance of local church and respecting other parishes in the area. If you live in another parish we strongly encourage you to seek out and support your local church. You can check your parish via

If you are not a resident in the parish, we do allow those who have joined onto our Electoral Roll after six months of regular attendance, or if you have another qualifying connection such as: you used to live in the parish, your parents live/d in the parish, or you or your parents or grandparents were married or baptised in the parish. The Parish System and Qualifying Connections also apply to Weddings and Funerals.

Once we’ve established your connection to St Peter’s, we will give you a selection of available dates. Please note that we have set dates throughout the year; we are not able to accommodate requests for a specific date.

Once the date is pencilled in, we will send you a Baptism Form, which we require for our Parish Records and for the certificates which will be given to you on the day. Please note that a date is only confirmed once we have received the completed Baptism Form. From time to time, we may need to cancel or postpone dates. We will always try to give you as much notice as possible and work with you to find a new date.

We will arrange a meeting for you for some baptism preparation with the vicar nearer the date of the baptism. We want all who consider baptism (either for themselves or their children) to understand the promises that are made. They are big, beautiful and life-changing promises! Baptism isn’t just an excuse for a party (although there is much to celebrate, we agree!), it’s also not a passive tradition just for the sake of it: you are agreeing to follow Jesus and if making promises on behalf of your children – promising to raise them in the knowledge and love of God. The meeting is also a great way for the vicar to get to know you and your family, and vice versa.


Is there a charge for Baptism?

Short answer: no. We only ask that you prayerfully consider giving in the collection during the service or perhaps even setting up a Standing Order to regularly support your church. Giving is an important part of discipleship. As we rely on donations, your generosity allows us to continue serving future generations.

What about Confirmation?

Confirmation is a special church service in which a person confirms the promises that were made when they were baptised. If you were baptised at a christening when you were a child, your parents and godparents made these promises on your behalf. As a young person or adult, you may be ready to affirm these promises for yourself and commit your life to following Jesus Christ. At a confirmation service, you make these promises for yourself. Your friends and family as well as the local Christian community will be there to promise to support and pray for you. 

The local bishop will lay their hands on your head and ask God’s Holy Spirit to give you the strength and commitment to live God’s way for the rest of your life.

Confirmation services usually take place once or twice a year, and are organised with the Diocese as a deanery (a group of local churches). We are part of Bowdon Deanery. To find out more about confirmation, please get in touch with the vicar via the Church Office. 


‘We just wanted to say a big thank you for baptising our daughter a couple of weeks ago. The service was lovely and we had a really happy family day. We are pleased that she could be welcomed into St Peters as we know that the church will always be part of her life.’

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