Promoting a safer church

St Peter’s Safeguarding Policy (2023)

1. This statement is to be reviewed annually by the PCC, and progress in implementing it will be monitored.

This statement was presented at the PCC meeting held on: Wednesday 21st June 2023. This document will be reviewed in June 2024.

2. As members of this Church, we commit ourselves to the nurturing, protection and safekeeping of all, especially children, young people and vulnerable adults.
3. It is the responsibility of each one of us to prevent the physical, sexual and emotional abuse of children, young people and vulnerable adults and to report any abuse discovered or suspected.
4. We recognise that our work with children, young people and vulnerable adults is the responsibility of the whole Church.
5. Our Church commits to supporting, resourcing and training those who work with children, young people and vulnerable adults and to providing appropriate support and supervision as required.
6. Our Church commits to following the guidelines and procedures published by the Diocese which is available from St Peter’s Parish Office or from the Vicar

This can also be downloaded from: /Children/DisclosureAndBarringService

7. The Parish will adopt good practice guidelines, as explained in the booklet: Introduction to Safeguarding (PCC January 2016).
8. Each worker with children, young people and vulnerable adults is to be made aware of guidelines and to undertake to follow them. Each shall be given a copy of this Policy Statement and the booklet: Introduction to Safeguarding.
9. As part of our commitment to children, young people and vulnerable adults, Lucy Nattrass is our Independent Safeguarding Co-ordinator (Safeguarding Officer)
10. Children, young people and vulnerable adults are an important part of our Church today. They have much to give as well as to receive and we commit to listening to them. As we nurture them in worship, learning and in community life, we will respect the wishes and feelings of children, young people and vulnerable adults.

What do I do if I need to talk to someone or report a concern?

  • We have a dedicated Safeguarding Team for St Peter’s, with Lucy Nattrass as our designated Safeguarding Officer, and Liz Parry as our Deputy Safeguarding Officer. If you need to talk about any safeguarding concerns you may have (whether for yourself or for someone else) you can contact our St Peter’s Safeguarding Team by emailing or calling Liz on 07876 660 302.
  • If you’re not able to get through to Lucy or Liz, you can contact the Diocese of Chester Safeguarding Team on 01928 718 834 or by emailing

There are also independent organisations (separate from St Peter’s and the Diocese) you can contact:

  • Thirtyone:Eight helpline on 0303 003 1111 (or visit link below)
  • Safe Spaces helpline on 0300 303 1056 (or visit link below)

In an emergency, especially if someone is in immediate danger of harm, you should always call 999 straight away and ask for the police.

Thirtyone:Eight HelplineSafe Spaces Helpline