“I’m Here…”

By Revd. Kaz Stanton

On 13 April 2020

Wow, what a week it’s been.

I will never forget this Holy Week. It’s had some challenges, some very funny moments and times of revelation.

On Palm Sunday I thought it would be a great idea to live stream our service outside. I hadn’t bargained on the forecast including a strong breeze and groaned inwardly as my Palm Cross flew across the garden and I had to disappear off camera to chase after it. 

Not having learned my lesson, I proceeded to hold the Service of Light outside too. I managed to get a fire going (thank you, Michael Moore) and after a couple of minutes had a rather warm right leg, sparks on my cassock and smoke in my eyes. My calm exterior hid a desire to burst into fits of giggles.

On Easter Day itself I was, by now, sufficiently relaxed with the techie stuff, and enjoyed our service. It was very moving to see messages coming up, as one by one people posted, “I’m here.” It brought an inner smile but also a tinge of sadness that we couldn’t all be together in church. However, the “I’m here” messages clearly showed a desire for God’s shiny people to be together to celebrate the Risen Lord Jesus, in whatever way is possible. It was a special moment for me when I accidentally missed the pause button at the end of our final hymn and we were treated to the Hallelujah Chorus as well. It was AbFab – a joyful and fitting way to conclude the service.

As I watched the long list of “I’m here” messages appearing I was aware of that inner voice of the Holy Spirit whispering: “and I’m here too.”

That’s it, there is the hope. That’s the promise that Jesus gave all of us: 

“I am with you.”

I AM is here, today, with us all, in the beauty of spring and in the midst of the horrendous Covid pandemic.


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