The 2022 Christmas Tree Festival organised by St Peter’s Church, Hale, is taking place in the Church, which is between Ashley Road and Murieston Road, Hale, WA15 9SS. This will take place from Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th December.

Showcasing the community of Hale is a major part of the Christmas Tree Festival objective, so if you would like to be involved this year, please keep reading for more information.

There is no requirement to have a ‘traditional’ tree, in fact less traditional trees are often voted as a favourite by visitors each year. 

The idea is to represent your business / community organisation / Church Group / charity through your tree and decorations, or both. 

There is a charge for taking part: £20 for Charities Community Organisations, Church Groups and Businesses.

The festival will be promoted in both of our local Primary Schools, Bowdon Church School and Stamford Park School as well as local Nursery Schools, so you can expect a high footfall of visitors coming through the church.


WHERE WILL THE TREES BE? Inside St Peter’s Church, Hale. We will have space for around 60 to 80 trees.

WHEN IS THE FESTIVAL? The festival will be open on Thursday 1st to Sunday 4th December.

DO I NEED TO PROVIDE MY OWN TREE? Yes. Trees need to be artificial with LED low voltage light, preferable ones that do NOT flash. The tree should be no taller than 4 feet (1.2m) high, it will be placed on a plinth so the top of the tree will be over 6 feet high. Lights will have an Electrical Safety Check before being allowed to be used.

Your tree should be artificial or created from something entirely unique and relevant to your business / group.

Our insurance company has ruled out candles (that are lit) on trees!

WHEN WOULD I NEED TO SET UP? Setting up will take place on Wednesday 30th November, the Church will be open for setting up from 10am to 6pm.

WHEN WOULD I NEED TO CLEAR AWAY? Trees should be removed on Monday 5th December between 10am and 6pm. Please do not plan on taking your tree down on the Sunday, we want to make sure that ALL trees are in place for visitors to enjoy right up until the last minute of the festival.

Please note that setting up / taking down of the trees is necessary within the times stated. If this is not possible, please discuss with us possible alternatives.

DO I NEED TO DECORATE MY TREE ACCORDING TO A SET THEME? No. Anything that represents your group or business (and is appropriate for a church setting for all ages to view).

CAN YOU GIVE SOME IDEAS? Of course! Pubs could decorate with bottle tops and beer mats; your group could hang little framed pictures of your members; a walking group could use miniature walking boots / maps / drinks container / binoculars; a bakery – miniature cakes. Or you can make your tree from something that represents your business / organisation! If you aren’t sure, Google ‘Christmas Tree Festival’ and you will see thousands of examples. Your imagination is the only limitation.

Be as creative as you can to advertise or depict who you are, or what you do. If you want to chat through some suggestions relevant to you, by all means contact us.

HOW WILL PEOPLE KNOW WHO THE TREE BELONGS TO? You can place a card or sign to stand at the base of your tree so that people can see the relevance of your decorations. Your tree will be allocated a number and it will appear in the catalogue with a write up about your business. Please provide us with a short blurb.

CAN I SPECIFICALLY ADVERTISE MY BUSINESS / GROUP? Yes, by all means. This is a fantastic advertising opportunity – business cards / information / vouchers / samples can also be left at this point for people to pick up.

WILL THERE BE OTHER BUSINESSES / GROUPS OF THE SAME TYPE? Whilst we are trying to target as much variety as possible, we want to offer the same opportunity to participate to all groups and businesses within our locality. This could mean that there would be similar types of organisations / groups as yours; but it is very probable that no two trees will be decorated alike. That said, we will try our best to place trees from similar groups / organisations away from each other.

IS THERE AN ENTRANCE CHARGE? There an entrance fee of £2 for Adults, Children are Free, a catalogue will be produced listing all the trees exhibited.

IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE HAPPENING THAT WEEKEND? Yes, we plan to have a mix of musical entertainment over the weekend, including school choirs, musical groups and choirs. 

The exact timings of which will be advertised nearer the time. Refreshments and snacks will also be available in St Peter’s House next to the Church.

REFRESHMENTS of tea, coffee and cake will be available for sale in St Peter’s House throughout the Festival.


Whilst we are not able to accept liability for your tree, decorations and possessions, we will however guarantee to have a rota of church members in attendance during all advertised ‘opening hours’. The church will naturally be locked when no one is in attendance, and overnight.

PUBLICITY: We will endeavour to publicise the event extensively, on Facebook, Instagram, Google email and Newsletters as well as posters and banners around the village. We also ask that tree holders also promote the event as much as possible, to ensure its success.

HOW CAN I PARTICIPATE? To register your tree, please complete the Google Form, which can be found here Email or call 0161 928 3374 for more information.