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We are delighted that you are inquiring about Baptism (also called ‘Christening’). Whether your enquiry is for you or your child/ren we offer you a warm welcome, and we hope you will feel at home here at St Peter’s.

Please contact the Parish Office on 0161 928 3374 or email us at baptism@stpetershale.org.uk, with any questions you may have.

We understand Baptism to be at the heart of our identity as Christians and the foundation of our relationship with God. In baptism, we believe, we are made new in Christ and become part of his body, the church.

The baptism service reminds us, through baptism, we are ‘Children of the same heavenly Father.’

Baptism is a first step on the journey of Christian faith. We want to support and encourage you, and your children, as we grow together in faith.

Please download our information leaflet here.

We look forward to getting to know you all as you come to worship at St Peter’s, especially in the run-up to the baptism, and we hope you may be able to join in the many groups and activities here that are part of our life together.

To prepare for the service, we will arrange to meet with you, and godparents if they are able to join you, to get to know you a little better, to answer any questions and to go through the service with you. Please click here for the Baptism Service Order.


One family recently wrote to us and said....


'We just wanted to say a big thank you for baptising our daughter a couple of weeks ago. The service was lovely and we had a really happy family day. We are pleased that she could be welcomed into St Peters as we know that the church will always be part of her life.'


More information about baptism services, symbols and actions used during the service, choosing Godparents and frequently asked questions can be found at the Church of England website.