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Mission in Action

Click on the image below to find out more about how St Peter's Hale helps charities home and abroad

St Peter’s is very proactively involved in helping people less fortunate than ourselves and gives 10% of its income to Charity and Mission,details of which are given below.

As a Christian organisation St Peter’s has been actively involved, for many years, on a personal level with many deserving causes both locally, in this country and overseas. Through this, a far-reaching network of contacts has been established with deserving causes, often working at a grass roots level, within communities. Several members of St Peter’s have chosen to form close associations with some of these causes, giving freely of their time and talents to helping people in need. They have been able to go out into sometimes difficult and often distant communities, forging links and focussing help.

This combination of financial support, personal contact, hands on work and encouragement makes for effective, rewarding and successful partnerships with our friends in need both at home and overseas.

Home Mission

St Paul’s Church Salford

An Anglican parish working in a deprived inner city area, serving the needs of the most disadvantaged in the local community. To this end furniture is recycled on a large scale, food and clothing are provided for the needy and night shelter for the homeless in emergency. Providing furniture, clothing and food parcels in the area. St Peter’s provides financial help and a team from St Peter’s, collects in the Hale area and delivers a van load of weekly supplies (furniture, food parcels and basic home start-up kits).www.Salfordchurch.org/St_Paul.html

To find out more about our 'Salford Van' furniture collections, please click here.


St Mary’s Partington

An Anglican Parish within our own Deanery but facing very different circumstances in a deprived, urban area. St Peter’s provides regular monetary help to support St Mary’s with its local mission. Recently this has been put to good use for essential repairs to the church. www.stmaryspartington.org.uk



Church Urban Fund

The Church of England set up the Church Urban Fund as a means of serving the poorest within our society. Using the diocesan structure to ensure local knowledge identifies needs, it supports projects in both urban and rural areas. Partners other organisations to tackle the roots of poverty, fundraises to finance grant-giving, advocating on behalf of faith communities and their work at the grassroots. The CFU supports local groups dealing with the day-to-day effects of poverty where they live, working to make a real difference in the lives of those around them.www.cuf.org.uk


Adoption Matters

A specialist Adoption agency serving the NW with an office in St Peter’s House. A Christian organisation which aims to make a positive difference to children and families of all faiths or none. Its main aim is to find families for children who, for one reason or another, are no longer able to live with their birth families.www.adoptionmattersnw.org



A Christian Charity taking the word of God to deprived people in central Manchester. Out on the streets four nights a week working amongst the homeless, those with drug and alcohol related problems, and the prostitutes. The ministry also extends to the prisons at Buckley Hall and Styal, supporting the inmates as they prepare for their release.





Francis House Children’s Hospice, Parrs Wood, Manchester

Set up in 1990 to provide help to the many families around the Northwest who had children with life limiting conditions, the Rainbow Family Trust was born and in 1991 it opened a fully operational Francis House and ever since the Francis House family has continued to grow. Its service is founded on a belief in the sanctity of life and respect for the dignity of every person. Francis House values the understanding, visions and attitudes to life and death of all of the children and families who allow it the privilege of being alongside them through their times of stress, pain and confusion. www.francishouse.org.uk and www.rainbowtrust.org.uk


Trafford Youth for Christ

Part of National Youth for Christ, one of the country's leading youth work charities, they aim to reach the young people in the Trafford area with the good news of the gospel and a life following Christ. Going into schools, Trafford YFC is on the frontline, and it's team is seeing the struggles these young people are going through. They are able to meet teenagers in schools on a regular basis and, through a range of lessons, lunch clubs, retreats, events and mission weeks, can share our beliefs and our faith in a relevant and exciting way. Trafford YFC is building links with St Peter’s youth groups. www.traffordyfc.co.uk








Overseas Mission


Uganda Links from 1983

The 1980s were designated by the United Nations as a decade for helping developing countries provide their people with clean, safe drinking water. In 1983 St Peter’s decided to support a small, church-based charity registered in the UK called the Busoga Trust. The charity was formed in response to a plea by the Rt. Rev. Cyprian Bamwoze, Bishop of Busoga, a Diocese in Eastern Uganda, to help him combat water-borne disease by supplying 1.5 million people in his diocese with a clean source of water.
Uganda Map
St Peter’s started in a small way by contributing funds towards the Trust’s well-digging programme for village communities and schools. The Field Officer for the Trust suggested that St Peter’s should be linked with the Parish of Nawaikoke in Busoga Diocese so that personal contacts could be made.

We accepted the suggestion, having little idea where Nawaikoke was! We later discovered that it was in a remote area about 70 miles from Jinja, Uganda’s second largest town. The last 16 miles was via a murram (dirt) road which crossed a swamp that regularly became impassable. The mains electricity supply ended 9 miles from Nawaikoke (the same is true today!).

Over the last 28 years the links with Busoga Diocese have developed in many unexpected ways. People from St Peter’s have made regular visits and several of our Ugandan friends have visited St Peter’s. Today we give regular financial support to four very deserving causes that reflect our involvement in Uganda:

Busoga University Support Team (a UK-registered charity)
Nawaikoke College
St Philip’s Church Nawaikoke
Uganda Development Services (a UK-registered charity)

Further details are given below:

Busoga University, Uganda

This private,non-profit making university under Busoga Diocese is licensed by the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE). The university has its main campus at the Iganga Christian Missionary Society (CMS) education village. It is found 35km on the Jinja-Tororo highway after branching off 2km to the right before Iganga town at CMS trading centre.

There are 2,500 students of whom 1,600 are Kenyans. The majority of students are accommodated in private hostels in the neighbourhood. However, the main campus has two girls’ hostels with a capacity of about 100. Transport is provided for the students who stay in authorized hostels. The administrative staff, lecturers and teaching assistants total to 170.The university has links with the University of Winsconsin Oshkosh, USA and University College Northampton, UK.
The university offers certificate, diploma, degree and post-graduate courses in; Philosophy, Agri-business, Business Management, Education Management, Education Resource Management, Human Resource Management, Project Planning and Management, Agriculture, Community Policing, Development Studies, Guidance and Counselling, Information Technology, Law, Mass Communication, Social Work and Social Administration, Environment Management, Education, Nursery Teaching, Economics, Public Administration and Management and Accountancy.
Several secretarial programmes are offered at the university’s resource centre and at their branches in Kamuli and Jinja. They also have special certificate courses in bee keeping, sustainable farming and dairy production management. http://busogauniversity.ning.com/
´╗┐Members of St Peter’s have been visiting the University since its inception in 1999. Financial support has been channelled through a UK-registered charity, the Busoga University Support Team, initiated by these regular visitors. Funds raised have been used to supply books, computers, student bursaries and contribute to various projects at the university.

Nawaikoke College

St Peter’s links with Nawaikoke College, a private church secondary school, go back to 1986 when the late Ernest Ereemye was headmaster. There were just 50 students enrolled. They had to be taught either in Nawaikoke Mixed Primary School or in St Philip’s Church. A dynamic young teacher, Robert Aubwa, was appointed headmaster in 1993. He persuaded Action Aid to provide the materials to build a 4-classroom block. Work started in 1995 but was abandoned because of a legal challenge to ownership of the land which subsequently came to nothing.

St Peter’s raised funds to complete the four classrooms in 1997. Over the last 15 years parishioners from St Peter’s have given more than £28,000 to assist in the development of the school. More recently Manchester Grammar School has provided funds for a physics laboratory, biology laboratory and a new toilet block. Since Universal Secondary Education was introduced in 2008, the number of students registered has increased to 1,000. Robert Aubwa has been able to use a part of the capitation grant from government to build two new classrooms. Two more are being planned.

In May 2010 Robert left his country for the first time and spent 2 weeks in the UK meeting many of those who had been involved in the development of Nawaikoke College.

Nawaikoke College

St Philip’s Church Nawaikoke

St Philp's Church NawaikokeOver the years visitors from St Peter’s have attended morning services at St Philip’s, the last time in February 2010 when Revd Libby Lane, Revd Caroline Holmes, and Bryan and Ann Goude were warmly welcomed. In recent years most donations have been used to repair serious cracks in the outside walls and to lay new cement on the floor.

Generous donations from parishioners have been used to purchase a bicycle and a motor cycle for the vicar. There are 12 satellite churches in the Parish, the furthest being about 12 miles from St Philip’s. It is very difficult for the vicar to get around the whole parish without transport. The proceeds of a St Peter’s Ploughman’s Lunch were used to buy mosquito nets, particularly for babies and young children, which the vicar was able to distribute.


St Philip's Old VicarageThis year the old vicarage, which has been unoccupied for several years, is being refurbished. Part of the St Peter’s donation is being used for this. Revd Moses Mukooba has been transferred to another parish and the new vicar wishes to live close to the church. In 1994, when the building was still habitable,  two members of St Peter’s stayed a night in the room on the left, while the vicar and his wife and family slept on the floor in the other room!


To link to a video from a recent visit to Uganda by members of St Peter's, click here.The video will open in a new window.



Uganda Development Services

UDS is a Christian NGO founded in 1994 by a UK doctor after working in the Teso area of Eastern Uganda. It was realised that one of the major hindrances to Ugandan development was access to information especially in the rural areas. UDS was conceived to reduce poverty by providing appropriate information to facilitate development and to train people in practical applications building their capacity to apply this knowledge to meet their development needs. The work is centred in Kamuli district.www.ugandadev.org/general/about_uds.html

Children’s Learning Services – Sierra Leone

CLS-SL is a Christian organisation founded in 2001 by Anthony and Emma Kamara and registered with the Ministry of Social Welfare and Children’s Affairs. Following a brutal civil war 1991-2002 CLS was established for the purpose of enhancing child development academically, psychosocially and spiritually. Anthony and Emma visited St Peter’s in 2010.
Schoolchildren singing in Sierra Leone
The work of CLS over the last 10 years has focused on the needs of primary schools with respect to numeracy and literacy, food security and peacebuilding skills. In secondary schools it has been involved in peer mediation and conflict prevention programmes.

Several members of St Peter’s have visited Sierra Leone and seen the work of CLS at first hand. In recent years, in Northern Province, the organisation has built several schools in small villages previously without any school. CLS is currently in the process of setting up a Child Development Centre at Gloucester, just outside Freetown. Its programmes will concentrate on school improvement and professional development of teachers and administrators (primary schools); school conflict management and professional development of teachers and administrators (secondary schools); and early childhood care and development.

Keith Neal wrote the prayer below to mark the 50th Anniversary of Independence on 27th April 2011.

Prayer for Sierra Leone

Creator God, as we celebrate Sierra Leone’s 50th Anniversary of Independence, we give thanks for Your eternal message of hope and deliverance and pray for Your blessing on this country and her people.

We thank You that out of the darkness of chaos and war You have raised up men and women of integrity who have unselfishly given of their best to bring peace, stability, and sustainable development.

Loving God, we acknowledge that there is much still to be done. We pray for transformation in people’s motives that will challenge all manifestations of violence, intolerance and selfish demands on others.

We ask for Your blessing on the children of this nation. Please empower parents, teachers and all those with responsibility for their education and welfare with the skills and resources that are needed.

We pray for all women and men in positions of leadership. May they serve with humility and dignity and act justly without fear or favour. Give all leaders the courage to put the needs of the nation before personal gain.

Merciful God, as we look to the next fifty years we pray that, through faithfulness to Your Will, Sierra Leone can become a beacon of hope to the African continent – where empty hands will be filled with work, empty stomachs with food, and empty hearts with a purpose that really satisfies.

Lord, in Your mercy,
Hear our prayer.

USPG Anglicans in World Mission Companion,

Richard Owen in Trinidad and Tobago

St Peter's is supporting Richard’s 3 year project in Trinidad and Tobago. This project under the auspices of the USPG - Anglicans in World Mission bringing his love of music into the lives of young people there to give them a focus and purpose to their lives. Richard is well known in Bowdon deanery and to the choir at St Peters where he occasionally played the organ.www.uspg.org.uk/index.php



Children in Distress

This Charity, with Anglican origins, is dedicated to helping suffering children of all races and religions in Eastern Europe.  They work with desperate and disadvantaged children and families, the poorest of the poor. They care for children in Albania, Belarus, Bosnia, Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Romania and the other emergent states of the former Yugoslav Republic, especially those with HIV/AIDS or incurable illness. Helping to rescue street children from prostitution, abuse and drugs and giving them the chance of life. Helping to give lonely and abandoned orphans to find loving family care. www.childrenindistress.org


Diocese of Malaita, Melanesia    

Chester Diocese has links to this Diocese in the Pacific Solomon Islands. The Bishop of Malaita visited Chester Diocese and came to St Peters last year to share his experiences with us. St Peters supports the Diocesan initiative to assist this link Diocese by raising funds to provide 3 boats to  enable the clergy to move around the Diocese.  Training of crew, supplies etc will  cost £30,000 per boat which can be broken down into parts so that a box of fish hooks can be bought or an outboard motor.  www.solomontimes.com/news.aspx?nwID=2606




Church Mission Society

 CMS LogoBorn in 1799, in the crucible to abolish slavery, CMS is the oldest Anglican Missionary Society. It has always had justice and evangelism at its heart. Its mission is summarised in the phrase “Sharing Jesus, Changing Lives.” Today CMS is a community of people in mission working in over 35 countries. St Peter’s is not directly involved in supporting a CMS Mission Partner working overseas or a particular CMS project. However, we feel we have a responsibility for supporting Anglican Mission worldwide and our annual donation goes to wherever it is most needed.