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St Peter's Church Wardens

Who are St Peter's Church Wardens?


Judy Holden 0161 980 7326


Lesley Bell 0161 980 7623

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What do Church Wardens do?

The role of a churchwarden is extremely varied but is best described as management, maintenance, and ministry.  However the key skills that make a good Church Warden are:

  • fostering and nurturing good relationships throughout the whole Church community
  • be constructive and caring
  • work prayerfully and constructively with the Clergy and all Church groups

Most Church Wardens don't think they are upto the task but at St Peter's we have a wide range of people who help and support our Church Wardens.

Management refers to the churchwarden's relationship with the clergy, the PCC and the members of the congregation; maintenance refers to his or her responsibilities to look after the church building; and ministry refers to their pastoral role with regard to the parish priest and to the congregation.

It is a shared leadership, but it is leadership rather than management. The churchwarden should be someone who the congregation respects as a leader and who can take charge when needed. A churchwarden is there to ensure things are done, not do it themselves - the art of good management - delegation.

Some of the churchwarden's responsibilities are connected with maintenance.  Their work is not just the maintenance of the church building, but helping the smooth running of the church.Churchwardens have to make various reports each year to the annual parochial meeting and to the archdeacon. They may be trustees of some charitable trust connected with the church. They attend PCC and Standing Committee meetings, and meet and pray regularly with the Clergy.

Their third and most important role is on a personal level. A churchwarden cares for the parish priest and family. A churchwarden's main role is that of building crucial relationships to ensure all aspects of the Church's life and calling are carried out as far as possible.