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St Peter's Guild of Servers


St Peter’s Guild of Servers


The servers are a small group of people who assist the clergy and verger at most of the services in church.


At Communion services, both said and sung, our aim is to ensure that everything required for the service is available and suitably displayed, including silverware on or around the altar, and candles arranged and lit. We assist the clergy during the service by bringing the elements (bread wafers, wine and water) as required, and after the service we wash up and set up for a following service or return all articles for safe keeping.

On the first Sunday of the month at All Age Communion Family Service we also prepare and carry any banners required for the procession with the choir and also act as crucifer to lead the choir into and out of church.

At the festivals we assist with the distribution of posies of flowers (Mothering Sunday), palm crosses (Palm Sunday) and Christingles at the two very popular Christmas Eve services.

At present we have seven regular servers with two young ones under training and we need to expand in order to replace younger members as they leave us to attend university. We also have help from those returning from university in the holidays.

If anyone would like to join our group they would of course be made most welcome. If you are interested please contact the Vicar in the first instance or Richard Ernill for further information.