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St Peters People - Who's Who

The ministers of the church are its people – every single one of us.  But among the people of the church are those who have been called, trained and authorised to lead, teach and minister in specific ways.  At St Peter' Hale we are blessed as we are served by many wonderful people who exercise a variety of gifts and serve in a variety of ministries. 

Please click here to find out more about the people and Church groups that make up our Church Family.

St Peter's Guild of Servers
Find out more about the people that help during Holy Communion services.

St Peter's Verger
What is a Verger? What do they do? Click here to find out more.

St Peter's Readers
Learn more about this valuable role within our church and community.

St Peter's Church Wardens
Church Wardens - who are they and what do they do?

Our Vicar
Learn more about the Vicar of St Peter's Hale and St Elizabeth's Ashley