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Stained Glass

The Stained Glass of St Peter’s Hale

St. Peter's has some particularly fine stained glass windows.

The large East and West windows celebrate St. Peter: above the Altar is the Ascension of Christ, the moment at which Peter started his work as leader of the Church on Earth, and at the opposite end of   the building (at the West end, above the baptistery) is a large triptych style window showing Peter's three great Acts of Faith - the Discovery of the Empty Tomb on the first Easter morning, Walking on the Water and the Draught of Fishes.  

The Chancel window is of some local interest: it used to be in the old "Dome" Chapel, Bowdon. When that building was demolished, the Ladies Guild bought and had it installed here in 1970 in memory of their past members.

The newest windows are those in the Sanctuary—"All Things Bright and Beautiful". They were given in memory of three little children from St. Peter's families. Other older memorial windows can be seen in the porches and Baptistry.

The windows of the ambulatory (or side aisles) are a series of eighteen lights, grouped in pairs showing how the Old Testament is echoed in the New.

Ambulatory Windows

The North Aisle

A01 and 18 are Alpha and Omega, The Creation and End of the World

A16 and 17 are The Ascension of Elijah and The Ascension Of Jesus

A14 and 15 are The First Temple dedicated by Solomon and The Children in the Temple with Jesus

A12 and 13 are The Child Samuel in the Temple and The Child Jesus in the Temple

A10 and 11 are the shepherd boy David in Bethlehem and The Shepherds of the Nativity

The South Aisle

A2 and 3 are Noah and the Rainbow and the Rainbow round the throne in Revelations

A4 and 5 are Abraham, prepared to sacrifice his son and Jesus in the Garden at Gethsemane

A6 and 7 are Jacob's Ladder of Angels and Nathaniel's Ladder of Angels

A8 and 9 are Moses and the Burning Bush and The Transfiguration (Moses and Elijah)

The chief (architectural) glory of the church are the clerestory windows. Like many other treasures in St Peter’s, they were given by the Joynson family. Made and installed by Messrs. Heaton, Butler and Bayne, they were dedicated on St. Peter's Day, 29 June 1910. They are striking in design and subtle in colour. Such is their value that, in 1940, fear of damage by enemy action caused them to be removed, crated and stored separately, each in a different local cellar.

Clerestory Windows

North Side

W1 and W2 are Angels of Praise and Thanksgiving with musical instruments

W5 and W6 are the Archangel Gabriel with a lily and the Archangel Michael with a sword

W9 and W10 are the Angel who ministered to Christ in the wilderness and the Angel of Easter Day

South Side

W3 and W4 are Angels of Praise and Thanksgiving with musical instruments

W7 and W8 are the Angels Raphael in the Garden of Eden and Uriel in the Garden of Gethsemane

W11 and W12 are The Angels of mankind's earthly pilgrimage - Our Guardian Angels

See the plan of the church to locate these windows within the building.